New to Pole?


Welcome to Beginners Pole at Kylie J Pole Studio

As a total beginner you can join us at ANYTIME

There is no waiting for new term enrolments to open up and you do not need to commit to a full course to participate in our beginners. This is great news for those wanting to start straight away, or just come in for a trial class and see what it’s all about.

Complete flexibility is our commitment to our newbies.

We have 2 types of base level classes for Beginners Pole

BEGINNER POLE STATIC: On a static pole

BEGINNER POLE SPIN: On a spinning pole

This is where you start with no experience!

You are grouped in with other beginners with little or no experience also, which is awesome! You can book 1 class a week, or book into a few. You can choose static, or spin, or try both.

For those aiming to move up to our structured course levels in Intermediate and Advanced, we recommend attending these beginners classes regularly, then when you feel ready, arrange an assessment with one of our instructors and move up from there.

We have a list of fundamental skills to master in the Beginner level classes. The list is available at reception for all students to pick up and practice in class, in your own time or our designated Practice Time.

These classes include:
Basic Dance Style Warm up  •  Pole moves and skills
Spins and transitions  •  Beginner routine
Cool down stretch  •  Time for questions and photos at the end

How do I get started?!

If you are a brand new beginner, try one of our Introduction offers:

Option 1:  2 weeks of unlimited Beginners STATIC and Beginners SPIN pole classes for $50

Option 2: 1 Trial Class for $15

This $15 spent on your trial class is redeemable off a 10 pack of Beginner pole classes if you love pole and you want to do more!

The regular booking options for the Beginner pole classes are:

5 Beginner pole classes $125
10 Beginner pole classes (Includes Welcome Pack) $225


With these packages, you can book yourself in for a whole term of classes, or book in as you go.

We are so excited about this new system for our beginners and look forward to seeing you at the studio!