New to Pole?


Welcome to Beginners Pole at Kylie J Pole Studio

Get ready to experience the amazing world of pole dancing with us! No need to worry about your strength or skill level – our instructors will guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, we’re here to support and encourage you. Join us for at least 1 class a week to see the best results, and if you enrol for a term, you’ll have plenty of time to fully grasp the art of pole dancing. Take a look at our beginner class options below and let’s dance together. We can’t wait to meet you!

We have 3 types of Beginner Courses

(The pole is still)
This style of pole is fantastic to learn the absolute basics because you can focus on developing your pole technique, correct grips and building strength on a still pole. We highly recommend attending static pole for first time beginners. 

(Pole spins with movement)
This style of pole is super fun, slightly more challenging than static and also requires a bit more strength to master the spin. Perfect for those who like a challenge. Lots of our students attend static and spin pole classes together to get more variety in their training. Both static and spin offer different and exciting skills.

Beginner Pole Choreo
(Dance movement – No aerial tricks)
Dance your heart out and learn to dance artistically with flow with grace. Perfect for the dancer who loves to move around the pole, wear stunning heels and dive into the feminine side of pole. There are no aerial tricks or climbing in this course, just pure dance, floor work and interesting pole transitions.

What to Expect at your first class

In our Beginners classes/courses, you are grouped in with other beginners with little or no experience just like you, which is awesome!

Beginner classes are filled with participants of all ages, sizes and personalities and everyone is at their own starting point. You can literally keep your feet on the ground in beginners until you feel confident to move up the pole and you can stay in beginners as long as you like.

It is a very exciting time being a beginner with many achievements, friendships and amazing new skills ahead.

Our beginner classes include
Basic Dance Warm Up  •  Pole moves and skills
Spins and transitions  •  Beginner routine
Cool down stretch  •  Time for questions and photos at the end

How To Get Started….

Option 1:  Intro offer

5 Classes $55  (3 Week Expiry)
This pass can be used for ALL Beginner Classes,
Pole Introduction and all our casual classes.
If it is your first time on the pole, we highly recommend attending a ‘Pole Introduction’ class if there is one on the schedule.  Alternatively you can absolutely start pole in any of the Beginner Static, Beginner Spin or Beginner Choreo classes to work on the foundational skills of pole. 

Option 2:  Trial class

1 Trial Class $23 (Single class usually $32)
Your trial can be used for ALL classes we offer – Pole level and specialised
If you are new to pole, we highly recommend booking a trial in any of our Pole Introduction, Beginners Static Pole, Beginner Spin Pole or Beginner Pole Choreo  classes.  Once you have attended your trial class, we invite you to become a member and continue your pole journey with us!
We also offer Practice Time and Private tuition available.