New to Pole?


Welcome to Beginners Pole at Kylie J Pole Studio

As a total beginner you can join us at ANYTIME

Yes we run 8 week terms for all our level classes, BUT as a beginner, you are welcome to join a term at anytime.

Contact the studio to find out how to get started on the current term of pole or find out when our next enrolments open up for the new term of beginners!

Complete flexibility is our commitment to our newbies.

We have 2 types of base level courses  for Beginners Pole

BEGINNER 1 STATIC: On a static pole

BEGINNER SPIN: On a spinning pole

This is where you start with no experience!

In our Beginners classes/courses, you are grouped in with other complete beginners with little or no experience just like you which is awesome!

You are starting your pole journey together.

These courses are filled with ladies of all ages, sizes and personalities so everyone is at their own starting point and you can literally keep your feet on the ground in beginners until you feel confident to move up the pole and up the levels.

We care about your safety, your comfort and all our instructors are extremely smiley and professional and want to guide you through this exciting journey

You do not need to have any prior strength or skill, you will build this as you go!

It is a very exciting time being a beginner with many achievements, friendships and amazing new skills ahead of you.

Lets get started!

Our beginner classes include:
Basic Dance Warm up with pole stretch  •  Pole moves and skills
Spins and transitions  •  Beginner routine
Cool down stretch  •  Time for questions and photos at the end

How do I get started?!

If you are a brand new beginner, you can either book straight into one of our Beginner courses OR we have 2 other intro offers for beginners.

Option 1:  5 Casual classes for $50

Includes these classes only: Beginners pole casual class, Stretch, Pole Boot Camp, Heels Choreo, Floor and Flow, Mums and Bubs and Roller Pole.                               (Single casual class price usually $20)

**Keep in mind these casual classes are NOT the structured course level classes and you do not progress up the levels in casuals. Casuals are however great drop in sessions that all focus on a different element of fitness or dance and can be attended on a casual basis. Choose 1 or a mix of 5 different**

Option 2: 1 Trial Class for $15

If you are new to pole and want to see what a course class is like before you book a full term, we do allow newbies to jump in any of our Beginner 1 pole course classes for $15 (subject to availability). If you love it and want to stay for the term, then your fees will be adjusted for you to enrol for the remainder of the term. Or you can pre book for the following term. 

Please contact the studio to organise a trial class

Regular fees for beginners courses

8 week Beginner 1 course $225

8 week Beginner Spin course $225

Enrol into both Beginner 1 and Beginner Spin courses $400
(Saving of $50)


For further pricing info see our Pricing page

We love our beginners and look forward to seeing you at the studio!