After some flexibility?


Non Commitment sessions

$20 per session | Length 1 hour

Ready to commit?


This is the perfect lunchtime workout session!
This class offers a combination of pole strength training and deep stretches to
improve your overall fitness and flexibility.
Open to all levels of pole and also to those without pole experience.


This casual class is designed to open up your body and free your movement.
Begin the class with a deep stretching session, and then feel free to pop on socks (OR your heels and knee pads) for some soft flowing choreography and floor work. Learn a range of flowing and lyrical transitions with sassy movements around the pole and on the floor. Each week you will learn a new mini choreographed routine. Suitable for all levels and completely beginner friendly


With our resident Spliterella, this class will focus on all things legs. Hip and leg opening, deep stretches, partner stretches, therabands, kicks, fronts and middles, active flexibility and just a really good thorough session to help you work towards beautiful lines and your splits. Suitable for all levels of flexibility.


Get your heels, leg warmers and knee pads on for this 1 hour dance class full of moves to completely work your tummy, bum, core and thighs!
Isolations, pops and rolls, exotic style dance moves and basic spins combined with a good strong beat.
A one hour pole dance workout class for any age or fitness level. No experience necessary!
(Knee pads and leg warmers are available for purchase in studio)


Your mid week strength session!
Full of Pole strength training, circuit training, core, endurance, stretch and heaps of abs.
This class is great to build up strength for pole skills and overall fitness.
Suitable for the non-poler and all fitness levels are welcome.


Start your weekend right with this one-hour casual strength class! This is the ultimate class to build your muscle tone, fitness for pole dancing skills. Pole Boot Camp is a whole body work out and is fantastic for all pole and fitness levels. Blair will have you working hard and achieving those goals in no time! Grab your exercise buddy and come join in for this amazing morning session!


Need to work on your flexibility? This is the class to do it!
All levels of flexibility can enjoy this one-our class, full of deep stretches, long holds and partner stretches.
Flexibility is extremely important for every pole dancer so this class will help open up your body to master those tricky shapes on the pole. It is a fantastic class for any dancer wanting to get bendy AND is suitable for
those without pole or dance experience.
Includes training to work towards splits and bridges every class. Beginner friendly!


The ultimate introduction to pole class.
This is a 45 minute session similar to week 1 of a Beginner 1 course.
Suitable for those with no pole dancing experience and no prior strength or dance skills necessary. Everyone is welcome. Learn basic pole moves, beginner spins and a fun group routine. A cool down to finish and your instructor will show you some aerial tricks in our courses. Time at the end for questions and photos.
If you have been thinking about trying a pole class but haven’t yet, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go and see what it’s all about.


Try something different and give our spinning poles a go!
This class is open to new and existing clients who have not yet tried the amazing fun and challenge of spin! Suitable for non-polers and all ages and fitness levels are welcome.  This complete beginner class starts with an introduction chat and a dance style warm up. Learn basic pole moves, beginner spins and a fun group routine. We finish the class with a cool down and your instructor will demonstrate some aerial tricks from our courses. Time offered at the end for questions and photos.