Non Commitment Dance and Fitness



Dance into your feminine power. Join us for a unique celebration of sensuality and strength. Each week, feel the music and slow down your movements as you learn beginner to intermediate pole choreography combined with floor transitions. You’ll glow with endorphins after busting out all those beautiful moves while getting an awesome workout that’ll leave you feeling amazing. All levels welcome… let’s dance.


Are you feeling the strain of a long day? Or wanting to take your pole dancing performance up a notch with added flexibility for perfecting lies? From the office worker who wants just an extra edge, to the ambitious dancer looking for increased range-of-motion — no matter what brings you here, stretching is crucial for proper body balance and maintenance.  You will feel amazing when you walk out of class. Suitable for all levels of flexibility.


Get your heels (or socks) on and prepare to move! Join us for an hour of intense core workouts with exciting urban flow pole dance. Includes floor work, spins, heel bangs, isolations, and creative choreography every week. Everyone is welcome to this open level intense dance class!



No Baby Sitter Required!
Join us for an exciting open pole training session! All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced students. We’ll start with a fun group warm-up, followed by individual training sessions. This is the perfect chance to perfect your class skills, practice combos, or work on routines. Plus, our instructor will be rotating to provide individual attention to everyone. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your pole dancing skills!


Start your weekend right with this one-hour casual strength class! This is the ultimate class to build your muscle tone, fitness for pole dancing skills. Pole Boot Camp is a whole body work out and is fantastic for all pole and fitness levels. Blair will have you working hard and achieving those goals in no time! Grab your exercise buddy and come join in for this amazing morning session!


Unleash your inner acrobat and join this fun class! Learn how to master handstands, elbow stands, bridges, press ups & intricate base work for pole. With step-by-step instructions you’ll gain the correct technique and weight placement while engaging the right muscles as well as mastering balance in no time. Stretch out those tight spots then get ready to take on drills and skills galore – giving you a selection of awesome Acro moves you can use on and off the pole. Open level and completely beginner friendly! All genders welcome.
Pre requisite: Must be able to execute 1 correct push-up.