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Absolutely not! You will build strength and pole technique over time with the guidance of your instructor. All our Intro and Beginner sessions start with moves and spins around the pole and with clear step by step instructions and breakdowns to each move. When you start a beginner pole trial or course at our studio, you are in with other beginners or those with no experience also. We never force anyone to execute a move they are not confident or ready to attempt.

An important note, when starting pole, do not compare yourself to those professional pole performers you see on tv or social media, this level of skill comes with years of training and when starting out you are not expected to hang upside down or know what you are doing. However, use them as inspiration and something to strive for, everyone started as a beginner.

Yes we do! We offer 6 week payment plans through Ezidebit for all course, class and private tuition packages. They only take a few minutes to setup by our staff on request and direct debited weekly for your convenience.

Depending on the class or course, there are different requirements.
For pole level courses, singlet or t-shirt and shorts is best. To warm up, leggings/trackies and a hoodie and perfect if the weather is cold.
We usually dance in bare feet or sneakers for beginners.
Heels are introduced later in the course levels but are totally optional.
For some specific dance, floorwork and conditioning classes, knee protection is recommended including socks, knee pads, or leggings.
Class descriptions will include if any of the above are required and we also have knee pads, socks and leg warmers at the studio for purchase.

Work commitments, illness, going on a holiday?

We understand that life comes first and often you cannot make your course class. We also believe you shouldn’t have to miss out on a whole term or those valuable pole sessions just because you have made plans for a few weeks.

If you are unable to attend your usual course class, contact us or use our app to cancel your place at least two hours prior to the start time and you will be entitled to do a makeup class in a class of an equal or lower level than that of your regular class.

Courses are structured and specialised in pole. They are the complete package with a full syllabus of moves, spins, tricks, routines and strength requirements. Courses range from complete beginners right up to high advanced and as you master the skills in each level, you can move up to the next level and challenge yourself further. Courses are an 8 week commitment, 1 hour per week.

Casual classes are open levels, experienced and first time polers can join in these class. Casuals focus on a different element of fitness including dance, floorwork, heels, stretching, strength, bootcamp and acrobatics.

Casuals are non commitment, however bookings are essential.