Ina can be found at reception, ready to welcome you to our studio and get you all set up and sorted!

After 3 years at Kylie Js, Ina is an Advanced Spinner, and has performed both for our studio Pole Artistry show night, and competed in our studio competition Steel The Spotlight. She was one of the winners for the Beginner level of Pole Just Because 2016. She has poled her way through the world, attending no less than 7 different studios. Her shows are character based and full of props, often from the world of cinema. She is a screenwriter by trade and this definitely inspires her work.

Ina had a long and slow journey into pole dancing. Her previous experience with dance was “standing in a corner, watching other people do it”. She always wanted to dance though,“I was drawn to it”. She fell in love with the idea of being a dancer aged 9, when her big sister showed her Dirty Dancing. “Most of the movie was lost on me, but Penny, her shoes…the grace. It moved something in me.”

Growing up in the Norwegian countryside, there were no dance studios. The dream was left un-lived. Fast forward to 2016. Ina had moved to Melbourne with her Aussie husband and their two children. “I was on maternity leave. I knew no-one in the whole entire country and spent all my time with the kids, wearing sweatpants. I was desperate for something to do that was just for me.”

And as if by a miracle, a pole dance studio opened up, literally across the street from where they were living. “I was thrilled. Although I was scared walking alone on my first day, I was met with smiles and all the info I needed. For me, it was like instant friends. I felt so welcomed.”

An injury prevented her for carrying on for a few years, but in 2018 she was back, this time at Kylie J, and never left. “When I started pole I couldn’t do a sit or a push up nor bend down and touch my toes. The changes pole has brought to me are incredible.”  And Ina never forgot the welcoming vibe of pole. She now makes it her priority to always welcome and include anyone new. “It is the most valuable part of this sport, the community. There is room for everyone. No matter your level or skill, you have the right to dance and take up space in this environment. Your studio gang will applaud your effort no matter what because we all know what it takes to progress. Pole gives you nothing for free, but it really is worth it!

Ina also writes for BrassMonkey Magazine, an aerial arts magazine and is a concept developer, happy to help you come up with an idea for a routine!