Together We Can Create Art

BB Pole and Portrait Photography

BB Pole & Portrait Photography offer individuals or group photoshoots that can capture you in an elegant, fun, sexy pose or a crazy death defying trick that’s taken you weeks to perfect, or even your sass and style on stage during a performance.

I know how much training is involved to master and create beautiful shapes with your body. I also know how hard you work to maintain the love for your body and the dedication it takes to embrace your shape. Your hard work should not go unnoticed and deserves to be displayed on a wall with pride!

Welcome to BB Pole & Portrait Photography.


1-hour photoshoot $200 (1- 2 ppl max) (5 fully edited photos)

2-hour photoshoot $360 (1- 2 ppl max) (10 fully edited photos)


Please contact the Studio or BB on:

Ph: 0418 486 382


Behind The Lens

​BB Pole and Portrait Photography has come together thanks to the support of my husband and son. After having my son and being a stay at home mum it gave me time to think about what I love doing and how to turn it into something more than just a hobby.

I have always enjoyed capturing special moments with photographs. Friends worked out very quickly not to bother bringing a camera to events because ‘BB will have it all sorted’. This combined with my obsession for dancing, more specifically Pole Dancing… and wham bam thank you mam we have ‘BB Pole &Portrait Photography’.

I started Pole Dancing in early 2012 and became addicted immediately! I enjoy being able to push my body to its limits and create amazing shapes as a result. Pole Dancing has given me body confidence, mental and physical strength I never knew I had and I can honestly say I love my body and all that it is capable of.

Being in love with our bodies is hard work. We all have days where we dislike how we feel or what we see and then we have other days where we are totally rocking it and respect every inch from our head to our toes. You may embrace your figure in sexy lingerie or an elegant evening dress. Either way, we are all entitled to capture our love of our individual shape. As a photographer, it is gratifying to capture that moment when a client is relaxed and quietly confident.

When photographing dancers you learn very quickly that it’s an individual journey. I love being able to capture an individual’s changing body shape or improvement on a trick. You find yourself going on a journey with each client and you quickly recognise the accomplishments they have made and how proud they are of their achievements.

Photographing an event/performance is a whole other experience. I always feel like I become a part of the performance. Being patient is key! Always ready to anticipate the performers next move and to be able to provide them with quality photos that captures specific moments that ‘WOW’ed their audience. Photos that show their individual style and sass. These are just a few of the reasons I enjoy photographing dance events.

I’m a mum, a wife, a pole dancer instructor and a performer who loves to be behind the lens of a camera.

Together we can create Art!!!