Welcome to Kylie J Pole Studio

So you know you’re in experienced hands when you begin classes, you might like to know a bit about the studio Director and Owner herself – Kylie Just.

Kylie has represented the Australian pole industry over the last 16 years through performance and instruction, choreography, event organisation, media and adjudicating. She loves nothing more than to open up this wonderful, creative and supportive world to others.

First a dedicated Calisthenics girl all her life, turned professional showgirl and freestyle dancer, Kylie began teaching pole and representing Victoria
professionally in competition for one of Australia’s first studio’s in 2006 Pole Divas, where she instructed and performed for number of years.

After spending time travelling, working as a PT and Aerial Coach, she opened doors to the Kylie J Pole Studio in January 2011 and has never looked back.

Over the last 10 years, the studio has become a second home for many. KJ Pole is a strong and supportive community in Geelong and seen many find their passion, make life long friends and maintain a fit, confident and healthy body and mind.

Kylie’s biggest passion as an instructor is giving people an experience and helping them achieve their goals all whilst having fun and feeling supported.

Her other performance experience includes time as a professional Voice Over Artist, vocalist for Vinyl Pusher/Boss Records and her other love is roller skating. Always stepping outside the box, in 2015, Kylie Co Founded ‘Roller Pole’ the first ever training program for pole dancers on Quad Roller Skates, taking to studios and stages around the country to share this quirky and challenging style of pole.

After some time off to have her baby girl Ava in 2017, Kylie has turned to pole and instructing with a stronger understanding and appreciation of the body and the journey of returning to fitness. She loves nothing more than to encourage and support girls/women in all stages of their life and pole journey.

Kylie’s career highlights include…

2020 – Floor Play Worldwide (lockdown Edition) Pro  – 2nd Runner Up
2017  – Victorian Pole Championships – Judge
2016 – Floor Play Professional Division – Winner
2016 – Miss Pole Dance Victoria- Judge
2016 – Victorian Pole Championships – Judge
2016 – Australian Aerial Awards- Nominated Artist – Trailblazer
2016 – Pandemonium – Artist
2015 – Co-Founder Roller Pole
2015 – Miss Pole Dance Queensland Guest Performer/Judge
2015 – Victorian Pole Championships – Judge
2014 – Guinness World Record Participant ‘Burleskathon’
2014 – Aerial Allstars Competitor
2014 – Australian Pole Championships Finals – Judge
2014 – Victorian Pole Championships – Judge

2014 – Pandemonium Events Co Producer and Lead Artist ‘Inception’
2013 – Australian Pole Fitness Championships finalist
2013 – Miss Pole Dance Victoria Judge
2011 – Pole Dance International Magazine nominee ‘Best Female Performer’
2011 – Pole Dance International Magazine nominee ‘Best Pole Acrobatics’
2010 – Miss Pole Dance Victoria Winner
2010 – Miss Pole Dance Australia – Most Entertaining
2009 – Miss Pole Dance Victoria 1st Runner Up
2008 – Miss Pole Dance Victoria 1st Runner Up
2006 – Guinness World Record participant ‘Pole Challenge’
2005 – Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2nd Runner Up
2005 – 2010 – Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist