Laiz has been pole dancing for about 2 years. She’s currently doing A2 static, has choreographed and performed at our in house pole event Steel the Spotlight and loves roller poler classes!

Laiz grew up in Brazil and always dreamt of being a dancer but never had courage or time to join in any classes, with a busy life, studying and work, that wish was put aside… Until she found pole dance!!

At the start of her journey it was all about the fitness side of pole she loved but with time she gained confidence and allowed herself to hear that little voice inside who just wanted to dance!

There are so many things Libby loves about pole; not only is it a wonderful creative outlet, it has also given her a new appreciation and love of her body, and helped her become stronger both physically and mentally.

Pole has been so much more then fitness or dance, it has taught me I can achieve anything! After having my daughter pole was my “me time” and how I recharged my batteries. I had no dance background before starting pole other then some Brazilian dance classes when I was 12 and extremely uncoordinated would love to explore that a little more!

I have also fallen in love with roller pole, since I tried the roller pole workshop at the studio there was no going back! the funnest way to exercise ever!!

I’m also currently studying Mat Pilates and can’t wait to share the principles with you guys!

I am so happy to be part of the KJ team and can’t wait to help and encourage our new clients start their pole journey and achieve their fitness goal’.

We are also extremely excited to have Laiz join our instructor team in 2020! With her smiley, supportive and ‘you can do it’ attitude, no doubt if you are in her classes, you will fall in love with pole as much as she did and have a great time!