Pru began pole on 2012 in Shepparton and instantly fell in love with the idea of exercising in heels!

2 years later, Pru is high level Advanced in Static and Spinning pole, has competed in 2 Pole on the Pier competitions in Intermediate and Advanced sections, performed a solo piece at the studio fundraiser night and is part of the studio promotions team for expo’s and shows.

“Initially it was a bit of a ‘hidden pleasure’ until I understood the health benefits and recognized it was the best form of fitness I had ever tried.

When noticeable changes started happening to my body I could no longer hide why I looked fit and was standing taller and prouder than ever before.”

Pru’s other dance history includes Ballet, Ballroom and Aerobics.

She is a natural at teaching and loves nothing more than helping others achieve their goals, aspirations and dreams.

“My biggest success and proudest moment has been listening to my parents especially my dad, tell others how strong his daughter is because she’s a pole dancer.”

Pru has been on one extreme pole journey already and it has only just started! She understands the hard work, dedication and patience it takes to develop into a pole athlete and she is made of all the right ingredients to get you started and guide you through your own pole adventure!

Might we just add that she is always colourful and extremely lovely. Pru is now absolutely thrilled to be sharing this passion of hers with others and we are super excited to have her on board as part of the team.