Stephanie began her pole journey back in 2011 when she, her sister & their friend signed up for classes after attending a hens party at the studio and has never looked back!!

To Stephanie, pole was the perfect way to have fun, get fit and to condition and strengthen her core after having several abdominal surgeries.

Though she had no prior dance or gymnastics training, Stephanie found she was a natural with dance and flexibility and started forming her love for all things Pole!

Fast forward to 2015 and Stephanie was dancing (both on and off the pole) in several music videos and events and in 2016 began performing and competing as a solo pole artist at both state and national level under the stage name ‘Spliterella’.

This same year, she was featured in the Australian Pole Dancers magazine as a ‘pole warrior’ and was selected as an ambassador for the ‘Pole Just Because’ campaign.

Before their hiatus in mid-2017, Stephanie also made up one-half of the professional pole duo ‘Vertical Vixens’.

Stephanie began instructing in January of 2017 and loves spin pole, floorwork and dance, plus stretch and strength training. She also loves teaching her ‘signature splits’, ‘doubles pole’ and ‘Floor & Flow’ workshops.

In 2018, Stephanie placed 1st RU at the Victorian Pole Championships and was selected as a national finalist for the Australian Pole Championships final in Sydney. These events have taken Stephanie into the Semi-pro/Professional division.

When she’s not at the pole studio she can be found at the hospital where she is completing her PhD in Medicine.

Stephanie's pole titles include…

Solo Titles:

  • 2018 Australian Pole Championships Finalist
  • 2018 Victorian Pole Championships 1st R/U
  • 2017 Cast member ‘Solo Artist’ Pandemonium Events ‘Imagine’
  • 2017 Victorian Pole Championships finalist
  • 2017 FRISK Pole Dance Competition finalist
  • 2017 Vortex Pole Dance Competition finalist
  • 2016 Pole Princess ‘Pole Just Because’ Ambassador Winner
  • 2016 Australian Pole Dancers Magazine Pole Warrior featured artist
  • 2016 Pole on The Pier WINNER
  • 2016 Hardcore Pole Championships finalist
  • 2016 Regional Pole Artistry Championships finalist

Doubles Titles:

  • 2017 Survivor Pole Championships WINNER
  • 2017 Rising All Stars Championships 1st R/U
  • 2017 Victorian Pole Championships 1st R/U
  • 2016 Survivor Pole Championships WINNERS
  • 2016 Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles Finalists
  • 2016 Regional Pole Artistry Championships Guest Performers
  • 2016 Miss Pole Dance Victoria finalists
  • 2015 Pole on the Pier WINNERS
  • 2015 Regional Pole Artistry Championships Finalists