Terms and conditions

All Enrolment bookings require a minimum $50 deposit with payment plan arrangement or full fees up front.

No bookings will be confirmed without a payment.

Deposits are non-refundable and non transferrable.

Deposits are a commitment to pay the full balance fees.

When signing the Dancer Participation Form, clients are agreeing to abide by the Studio Terms and Conditions.

All client information is kept confidential and for our records only.

To setup an Ezidebit Payment Plan, we require valid Credit Card or Bank Account details.

Once a payment plan is setup, it cannot be stopped. See our Cancellation policy.

If a client has a valid reason for cancelation of a course, class or workshop due to legitimate injury or pregnancy, they may be credited an amount to use at the studio in future.

This amount will be decided by management and depending on class attendance and cancellations. Credits are not available for no show classes.

We have a ‘no refund’ policy.

The only time a refund will be processed is if a course, class or workshop is cancelled by the studio.

When clients sign the Dancer Participation Form, they will receive our monthly email with class promotions and upcoming events with the option to unsubscribe at any time.


Make up classes

• Subject to availability only.

• Must be completed in the term the course is booked.

• Do not roll over terms.

• May be completed before or after the date of absence.

• Are not available for no show classes.

• May only be course classes.

• No casual classes or Practice Time for makeups.

• Static pole makeup classes may only be completed in static courses in the same or level below.

• Spin pole makeup classes may only be completed in spin courses in the same or level below.

Minimum 4 hours notice is required to cancel a session.

Cancellations outside the 4 hour cut off period will be considered ‘Late Cancel’ and the session will be charged.

If clients join the term late and receive a discount on their course, make up classes are not included.

All product items must be paid at the time of purchase. No credit available.

It is important that all clients and staff be supportive and encouraging to each other.

Negative or bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the direct termination of a clients involvement with the studio